Products and Services

What we do !

Our services was designed and distrusted to different channels to ensure the quality of our mission and products, where we are committed to sustainable development ensuring the balance between end user needs and company recourses.
NAZAR offer spectrum of products and capabilities to deliver field serviced to clients, these include project management conceptual engineering , civil workers which including rig civil activities that involves construct new roads construct pits and camp preparation also offering rig requirements, additionally pipeline inspections with fabrication and installation through to inspection, repair and maintenance plant operations.

Civil works:
Which including all type of civil services such as rig camp preparations,

Construct all types of pits.
Construct well cellars maintains access road, and construct new access roads for Rigs and camps

Drill Rig Moves
from Nazar activities and services in oil and gas industrial, we are also offer all facilities for drilling rig de-mobilization, additionally Nazar has a complete skilled staff equipped with all required equipments such as dampers, cranes, forklifts…etc

Operation and Maintenance.
Plant operations and process maintenance Nazar has full man power and organized to operate and maintain the companies.

Materials (spare parts).
Along with company experiences one of company activities is offering all operation spare parts and drilling materials as the company has good communication with most European and American manufacturer plus suppliers.
Development and consulting
Among skilled and engineers company involves and working to offer all type of engineers consulting and studies as well offering plant development plants systems.
Skilled Workforce
One of Nazar activities is provide all national and international companies by skilled experienced, trained, motivated and hard worker personal. To meet the clients requirements, we focuses and concentrate to offer the appropriate personals with continues respect of the local regulations and rigorous HSE measures .
Completion services
Production well completion or plants commission also system finally (FTA) assistance. Nazar has capabilities to take such projects and submit the final results in professional technique
In general requirements Nazar always in a position to assist all operation or product companies to offer project requirements to achieve their tasks on time.


Believes in the contribution of trained and motivated workforce to the success of clients projects. We place considerable emphasis on robust personnel selection for provision of expatriate and local workforce, using a strict screening process in order to ensure that we supply appropriate personnel to meet client requirements, with continuous respect to the Local Labor regulations and rigorous HSE measures.

Our role can be limited to the recruitment or be a fully managed service including mobilization, accommodation within our own facilities, transportation to and from site, and work permit registration…

We maintain a database of approved personnel who are available for mobilization and deployment. These include:

  • project managers
  • QA/QC engineers
  • construction engineers
  • Civil engineer
  • mechanical engineers
  • instrumentation engineers
  • electrical engineers
  • corrosion engineers
  • safety engineers
  • site supervisors
  • qualified welders & pipefitters
  • sandblasters and painters
  • Heavy Equipments Operators
  • Assistant Operator
  • Drivers
  • cooks and other diverse specialty



NAZAR offers all services related to Fields, drilling, production and operation national and international companies Camps and Bases with integrated solutions and high capabilities and this is where we do give the best service ever on the market with top quality, special care and 24h assistance.

We are able to provide with all kinds of Camps and Bases, this will go from Mobile Homes to Specially Designed Luxurious and Practical Tents at a very competitive and economical budget.

To make it a stress free camp or site, we will also cover all the rest of services related to the camp: power & water supply, catering, cleaning, communication (Tele /internet).

Even more simple: NAZAR can provide you with Trailer made camps and bases.

Industrial Camps

We offer all drilling production and operation national and international companies by full equipped camps which contained all living, and entertainment facilities.

For more information the table below shows NAZAR Main camp and mobile camp facilities.

Main Camp

Ite m Description Quantity Remarks
1 Accommodation cabinets 9 Full furnished
2 Clinic 1
3 Offices 6 Full equipped
4 Warehouse 3
5 Workshop 1
6 Laundry 1
7 Kitchen 2
8 Restaurant 2
9 Client Representative accommodation 2 Full furnished with office & Toilet also café bar
10 Power Generator 2 175 KV
11 Small Power generator 2 60 KV
12 refrigerator 1
13 Fuel storage tank 2 20,000 L.T.R
14 Water storage tank 2 20,000 L.T.R
15 Club with café bar 1 Full furnished



Company Equipment List

Ite m Description Plate No. Remarks
1 Hydraulic Crane (45 Ton) Groove RT745 5-25-3236 With safety certificate
2 Crane 20 Ton (ATT 530) 3-25-1862 With safety certificate
3 Excavator (Pocklain 210) 25-25-3904 Model 2009
4 Excavator (Pocklain 210) 25-25-3905 Model 2009
5 Excavator (Pocklain 210) NC 60719336 Model 2009
6 Excavator (Pocklain 210) NC 60719336 Model 2009
7 Loader forklift 5-25-3906 Model 2009
8 Loader forklift 5-25-3409 Model 2009
9 Low boy truck 60 Ton 1-25-824 IVECO
10 Fuel truck 20,000 L.T.R 1-25-5294 Mercedes
11 High Loader 60 Ton 8-25-10404 IVECO
12 Truck 20 Ton 1-25-26080 Mercedes
13 Truck 40 Ton 24-5-2654 Mercedes
14 Truck 30 Ton 15-25-15446 Kamas
15 Truck 30 Ton 5-25-20235 Kamas
16 Truck 10 Ton 5-25-20418 Kamas
17 Toyota 4x4 WD 14-5-582213 Salon
18 Mitsubishi 4x4 WD 5-25-39009 Box
19 Mitsubishi 4x4 WD 5-25-87232 Box
20 Mitsubishi 4x4 WD 6-25-53793 Box
21 Mitsubishi 4x4 WD 5-25-42364 Box
22 Mitsubishi 4x4 WD 1-25-7225 Box
23 Bulldozer D8 5-25-6211 CAT
24 Bulldozer D9 5-25-433606 CAT
25 Water Truck 20,000 L.T.R 5-25-10359 Mercedes
26 Water Truck 20,000 L.T.R 24-5-56849 Mercedes
27 Water Truck 20,000 L.T.R 4-5-64815 Mercedes
28 Water Truck 20,000 L.T.R 24-5-58849 Mercedes
29 Water Truck 20,000 L.T.R 24-5-58849 Mercedes
30 Roller 8 Ton 24-5-51115 ALPHA
31 Grader 24-5-16811 CAT
32 Grader 25-5-6338 CAT

NAZAR consists of functional and operational structures. It is also equipped with a quality management service which has for mission verify during the reviews of direction and as much as needed, the implementation within the framework of the policy expressed by the head office and the adequacy of this system in the objectives fixed by this one. Because our activities and within the framework of the management of its projects, specific projects organization charts that be established according to specifications and projects requirement which associates various intervenient.

NAZAR set-up clear procedures of projects management that is according to the International Code Practice of Quality Management System (ISO9001-2000)