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General Construction Co

We are very familiar with road networks/ terrain that lead to these locations. Therefore delivery of crews, services and goods are expeditiously handled.

On company development system well testing and wire line activities well be the biggest services to add during 2010.

One of our activities is taking all type of piping inspections projects and sharing this business with national and international inspection companies.

Nazar is a leading industrial Construction & Oil Gas services Company, established on 2005 to perform an expert services to all Local or international operation and production companies. As Nazar is global Oilfield and industrial services company operation in over where we provide advanced services to help customers to evaluate, complete and produce oil & gas

Why choose us

We are committed to be successful relationship with our customer’s partner’s suppliers and the local communities in which we are work. We provide a full range of customer’s solutions in clouding competitive pricing

Along with our experiences of servicing our customers through Multi operation activities, our endeavor is to deliver our task in high class of performance.

Nazar mission is to deliver a competitive and sustainable rate of return to shareholders by developing acquiring the ways of servicing oil and Gas requirements among Libyan and international Health, safety and environment standers such as ISO 9001, 14001 18001 vital to the worlds health welfare.

Hence, at Nazar we are committed to maintaining a balance between protecting our environment public health and our communities, and we hold true our care values of integrity and trust servant leadership and open communities in all of our business