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As we are one of the leading services company ,our services was designed and distributed to different channels to ensure the quality of our missions and products, where we are committed to sustainable development ensuring the balance between people needs and company recourses

NAZAR offer spectrum of products and capabilities to deliver field services to clients, these include project management conceptual engineering , civil workers which including Rig civil activities that involves construct new roads construct pits and camp preparations also offering rig requirements, additionally pipeline inspections with fabrications and installation through to inspection, repair and maintenance plant, plant operations.


To find out more about the range of services which NAZAR provide or could provide find below in details information and click each head line.



Civil works

Company offered all types of civil works such as construction water waste pits, installing membrane liners, callers, also construct and maintain access roads

Create Field positions for the purpose of housing and business fixed, mobile and providing fuels, oil and water , Services of Catering & Cleaning

Providing the heavy vehicles and lifts for the purpose of sites leveling and opening routs and roads as well as providing heavy & light desert

Industrial Camps

Beside our industrial services, Nazar offer fully equipped camps which consider of living trials, kitchens, offices, club with workshops and materials storage as well as restaurants with laundries.

Drill Rig Moves

from Nazar activities and services in oil and gas industrial, we are also offer all facilities for drilling rig de-mobilization, additionally Nazar has a complete skilled staff equipped with all required equipments such as dampers, cranes, forklifts...etc



Operation and Maintenance.

Plant operations and process maintenance Nazar has full man power and organized to operate and maintain the companies onshore and offshore process or


Well testing & wire line operations

On company development system well testing and wire line activities well be the biggest services to add during 2010.


Materials ( spare parts).

Along with company experiences one of company activities is offering all operation spare parts and drilling materials as the company has good communication

with most European and American manufacturer plus suppliers.


Offshore services

Under implementation


Development and consulting

Among skilled and cabala engineers company involves and working to offer all type of engineers consulting and studies as well offering plant development plants systems


Piping inspections:

One of our activities is taking all type of piping inspections projects and sharing this business with national and international inspection companies.


Skilled Workforce

One of Nazar activities is provide all national and international companies by skilled experienced, trained, motivated and hard worker personal. To meet the clients requirements, we focuses and concentrate to offer the appropriate personals with continues respect of the local regulations and rigorous HSE measures


Information Technology

As this part is considering the main operating system to run and mange all companies operations, Nazar has and involves in built new operating control or management software's such as MMS & GMS and network systems also maintain the companies operation serves also computers.


Completion services

Production well completion or plants commission also system finally ( FTA ) assistance. Nazar has capabilities to take such projects and submit the final results in professional technique



In general requirements Nazar always in a position to assist all operation or product companies to offer project requirements to achieve there tasks on time.


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